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Bottling spigot leak?

We bottled our first brew today, but ran into an immediate problem with the spigot leaking
it has like a pinhole in the front and we had to hold our finger over the hole to reduce the spray while bottling, hard to do with only two hands. anyone else ever have this problem? Tested the bucket for leaks prior, no problem, it was only when the spigot was open and no telling how many bottles we lost but by our count it is about 9 or so (we have 45 we were able to fill) need advice asap so we know whether we need to let NB know about this

thanks in advance,
Cheers :cheers:

I’m guessing it leaks when the valve is open, then… I saw this once. Opening and closing the valve (basically wiggling the lever) fixed it for me. It only happened once, so I’m assuming the valve assembly just wasn’t quite seated right and needed to wiggle into place. I now drain my wash/sanitizer through the spigot, and watch for leaks while draining to avoid this.

If I remember correctly, the handle of the valve can go in backwards which would leave a hole to leak. Try sticking it in from the other side. Also, the gasket was prone to leak. You may have to loosen the lock nut up and re-tighten, not too tight.

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