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Bottling Soda from Keg

I have been bottling from kegs for some time now using a homebrew counterpressure filler (

) with pretty good results. I recently put together some six-packs to hand out as Christmas presents, and I made a few sodas to give my friends that don’t drink alcohol. This method failed for the sodas. The 30 PSI that sodas generally require was way to volatile for this method, and as such I had excessive foaming and couldn’t completely fill the bottles as the top inch never converted to pure liquid. It remains to be seen if the bottles will be flat on opening, but I can say that I lost a lot to foaming overflow. I have not found a lot of good options online and am wondering if anyone has some secrets they can impart.

For bottling I put my bottles in a freezer and turn my keezer down to a degree above freezing, so the soda is as cold as it can get before turning to a solid. I kegged at 30 PSI but turned it down to 2 PSI and leached off pressure before bottling. My lines are plenty long, and do fine for beer bottlings (at lower PSI’s) but for soda the CO2 was bursting out at the slightest turbulence, bubbling in the line and foaming in the bottle. It was a mess. I barely was able to slowly squeak out the bottles I needed.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Assuming the bottles can handle it, I would leave the keg at 30psi and pressurize the bottles to 30psi before filling. The whole point of the CP filler is that you are filling under an equally pressurized environment that doesn’t let the co2 come out of solution(which causes foam).

I’ve tried many ways and this is what works the best.

  1. Big tub full of Iodophor solution and lots of ice aand all your bottles submerged.
  2. Keg (cold) with picnic tap and regulator at 1-2 psi.
  3. Jam spring loaded bottling wand into picnic tap and put one layer of black tape around it (to be safe).
  4. Dump out a bottle and fill immediately, repeating as I have shown in this short video.

Mullerbrau bottling carbed beer demo

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