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Bottling Questions.... Need help

Dang it! Just as I was going to cap my first bottle the bottle capper broke. I’ve already added the corn sugar & was in the process of bottling. My question is: Does anybody know how long the beer can sit with the corn sugar in it, in the bottle b4 it has to be capped? Or do I sacrifice this batch & start over?

Just seal your bottling your bottling bucket and let the yeast consume the priming sugar. The yeast should be done with the sugar in a few days. The amount of priming sugar used in five gallons of beer may add about .25% to your ABV if my memory isn’t to bad tonight.

Sorry, I should’ve been more specific, the kit is the Bavarian Hefeweizen 1 gallon kit. I added the corn sugar just as you had suggested in my last thread, transferred the beer to a bottling bucket, filled the bottles & then my capper broke. Should I sanitize the bucket again, slo8pour the beer back in the bucket & get a capper ASAP & try bottling again? Or is there a better solution?

Not sure if I understand. Is your beer in the bottling bucket or the fermentor? If it is in either one leave it. Extra racking risks oxidation or infection. Leaving the beer in the fermentor is just a little longer primary time. If your beer is in the bottling bucket a small amount of CO2 will be produced by the yeast to displace oxygen. Being sanitary and reducing risks are the most important considerations now.

I already transferred the beer from the bottling bucket to the bottles. I had just initiated the process of capping the bottles when the capper broke

Oops. Reread your post. Your beer is in the bottles. I think I would cover each bottle with sanitized foil and let the yeast consume the priming sugar to produce some CO2. I would add priming sugar to each bottle in a few days in the form of a sugar cube. A Domino “Dot” , 2.29 grams of sugar, will give you about 2.7 volumes of CO2. This is lower than carbonating to style, but I never carbonated a Hefe to high.

Hope this was of some help. I signing off to get some sleep.

I appreciate your help sir. Have a good evening

Just run fast to a beer store and buy a new bottle capper

That option isn’t open until 10am. Would the beer still be ok to bottle/cap by apx 1130?

Or would the batch be scrapped by then?

Do what @flars said

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