Bottling question

I’m getting ready to bottle my first batch after a 20 year hiatus. I brewed Mosaic, and when I racked it into the secondary, it tasted great! It’s dry hopping now, will bottle tomorrow or Saturday. I acquired some nice swing top bottles from a guy who quit homebrewing. His loss, my gain. I have about 20 - 32 ouncers, and 24 16 ouncers. The wire looks like it’s a bit corroded on them. I’m guessing maybe he used an oxi type product on them. Would it be save to just use Star San on them if they’re clean, or should I use pbm, but take the wires off, then star san?
Thanks in advance!

Not knowing anything about them, I’d definitely give them a soak in PBW or oxyclean before sanitizing. Some corrosion on the wire cages won’t be a problem, as long as they aren’t deformed and preventing a good seal on the bottle.

What’s the condition of the gaskets? That might be the one thing to replace, if they look questionable.

I have swing tops which will also take a standard crown cap. I use the crown cap to close the bottle. The swing top to maintain some carbonation in a partial bottle after pouring a glass. (Unless I empty the entire liter in one session.)

If I have flip tops that weren’t thoroughly rinsed immediately after pouring out the beer, I usually fill them with PBW or other cleaner and let them soak for a day or so, then rinse well. If I’m going to soak the entire bottle I simply remove the wire and soak the bottle. Whatever works best for you is the way to go. I’m lucky in that I have a corner basement room with a utility sink and room for a tub to soak bottles without having to worry about them for several days.

Any bottles I get regardles of new or used I always wash them up. that way I know fer sure its good. In the case of swing top bottles I,d wash and replace the gaskets. That should take away any doubts… :cheers: …Tank

If after soaking them and cleaning them the wires still look bad replace them. If they look ba it makes a bad presentation. Definitely change the gaskets.

I mean replace the wires not the bottles