bottling question

I have my beer in a bottling bucket that I haven’t used before and i just notice the spigot has just a wide circuler area the beer come out. There is no barb to attach a bottling hose,etc.
So I am not sure what to do. Is it a big deal if i just put my bottles under the spigot and just fill it witout a bottle filler from the bottom up? I know you’re not supposed to get any air in bottles. is there any other ideas? I already have the beer in buck so I can’t change spigots.


Not sure what sizes you have but I slip on a 4 inch piece of 3/8 inch tubing over the spigot. The bottling tube slips into the tubing.

That is about the worst luck I’ve heard of. The day can be saved. Pouring beer into the bottles with this spigot would definitely oxidize the beer. Your best alternative is to siphon the beer into the bottles. A clamp on the hose to shut off the flow after each bottle is filled would help greatly.

Can you just use tubing from Home Depot or do have to get special tubing from brew store

Clear vinyl tubing from HD will work fine, give it a good cleaning before using it.

While you are there. Large paper binder clips will work for a clamp.

Next time you are at your local home brew shop (LHBS) pick up new spigot that a hose will fit onto. It will make one step of bottling easier. A small clamp is good insurance if the vinyl tubing does not fit snug.

Soon you will be thinking about kegs :smiley: