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Bottling problem?

I recently brewed and bottled my first batch. Everything went smoothly at first and about a week after bottling I had some pretty good beer. This lasted for about a week then I had a couple problems. First, I had a few bottles explode with such force they sit out of the case. This I could deal with, but now (aprox 3 weeks post bottling) suddenly everything is flat. Taste and look is fine but there is no carbonation. Anyone have an idea what I did wrong here?

First idea is that your priming sugar may not have been evenly mixed throughout the volume of beer that you bottled. Some of your bottles received most or all the priming sugar and the remainder not enough to carbonate. Do you know if the bottles that exploded were the first or last bottled?

There could possibly be some other problem but lets look at your priming procedure first.

I would keep these bottles in a secure container just in case some others will explode.

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Keep them cold and drink them fast. Did you happen to use twist tops? I did that once i didn’t notice some bottles someone gave me were twist tops.

I haven’t had any problem using the priming sugar tablets that come with many of the brew kits on this site. You just drop one in each bottle right before you fill the bottle with your brew. I have also used them in a growler, where I simply calculated the number of tablets I needed and put in one or two fewer than the calculation called for, just to be on the safe side.

Flars nailed it. The Only situation I can think of that would produce bottle bombs AND flat beers is poorly mixed beer with the added sugar primarily going into the early bottles.

Had this happen to me before. Try putting the sugar solution in the bottling bucket prior to siphoning and that should reduce the amount of stirring if you get paranoid about Oxygen.

Flars is right, and you will learn that he usually is. :grinning: I would recommend slowly stirring with a sanitized spoon before bottling and every 12 bottles thereafter. If you avoid splashing when stirring, oxidation will not be a problem I also bring my spoon up and down while slowly stirring to help break up stratification. I used to add the priming sugar solution to the bottom of the bottling bucket too, but then you never know exactly what your finished beer volume is going to be. Also, those volume markings on the bottling buckets aren’t always that accurate. Take a large (2 qt) measuring cup, fill with water, and dump into your bottling bucket. Take a Sharpie and mark the gallon and half gallon markings on the outside. The next time you rack your beer to your bottling bucket, you will get an exact total finished beer volume. Using that number, go to NB’s priming sugar calculator to figure out exactly how much sugar you need for that style and volume. My personal preference is to not go much less than 2.3 volumes of CO2 for any style, but that’s just me. I like more carbonation.

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Flars my mentor. On the right track. Me use once a while a growler. But indeed drink it fast. Did experiment with bottles. But gave up. Maybe one day again. Do like to keg the beer. Less hassle

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