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Bottling pear wine

This is my first attempt at making wine. I made 5 gallons of pear wine in Sept… Finished fermenting and added potassium sorbate and campen tablets . Seems to be clear enought to bottle.

Is this long enough in the secondry to start bottling?

The water in the air lock always seems to go down to just about nothing is this common or is something wrong? Not evaporating , because i can fill it and the next day it is down.

Would like to back-sweeten the wine, I will be using some pear juice that I canned when making pear sauce. It was brought to a boil, so I am thinking there sould be no live yeast in it. Will it be safe to add before bottling?

Yeah four months should be fine to bottle, however if you back sweeten with the juice or sugar don’t bottle it. Instead I’d ,rack it and add your juice at that time, and then take a hydrometer reading - wait 30 days taste, add, rack, read, until you get the sweetness you want, wait another 30 days and so on. Once you reach your target sweetness without a change in your hydrometer reading THEN you can bottle.
Wait another month or two in bottles & then drink.

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