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Bottling or 2nd Fermentation?

American Wheat. Extract Kit. It coming up to the 2 weeks. Just wondering if I should go ahead and bottle or put it in a 2ndary fermenter to clear it up. Instructions does not say to…but I been reading and I hear a lot about 2ndary fermenting and clearer beer though it is with different kits.


2nd fermentation would be when you introduce a new sugar source for the yeast to consume. :wink:

A wheat beer is cloudy naturally. No reason to have it clear. As for transferring it to a bulk aging vessel? IMO the same amount of yeast/proteins/solids will drop if you leave the beer alone verse transferring to a new vessel.

I see!! Thanks Nighthawk!! Gonna bottle on Sunday…first batch I am very excited. :cheers:

There are some commonly used terms that mean something other than what they are generally believed to.

Just make sure you have a steady hydrometer reading so you avoid bottle bombs.

Can you explain more? OG was suppose to be 43 but I only got 33. There was a couple of explanations as to why that would be. I heard bottle bombs are bad. What can I do to prevent?

Bottle bombs can happen when you bottle your beer before fermentation is complete or if you accidentally use too much priming sugar at the bottling stage. Nighthawk’s recommendation to achieve a stable hydrometer reading is intended to ensure fermentation is complete before bottling. He was referring to the final (post-fermentation) gravity. The rule of thumb is that if you get the same post-fermentation gravity for three or more days, you can rest assured that fermentation is complete and that bottling would be safe.

Recommend that I test gravity for the next 3 days.
Thanks, KCBeerSnob!! I will keep that in mind from now on!!

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