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Bottling off of kegerator

I am traveling for the holiday and bottled some 22oz off of the kegerator.

Since I will be drinking them within 48 hours, I took the lazy way out and did a quick rinse and did not sanitize.

In this short amount of time, could this produce off flavors? Would the carbonation be OK in this amount of time?

Yes your beer is doomed.

Your beer will be fine.

In other words, no one knows the cleanliness or sanitary condition of your bottles. Time will tell. If you are concerned, sanitize some new bottles and fill them.

My first assumption was what will kill it in 48 hours, I guess the answer is who the hell knows.

How will the carbonation hold up?

I had given away a few of my summer wheat beer and an IPA in bottles that I bottled from my taps. After 4wks they still held and had great carbonation. Don’t ask me why they took so long to drink them, but I was surprised myself at how well they stayed carbed.

Where do you expect the carbonation to go? Usually the issue with bottling from taps is that you lose some of the carbonation when bottling since the beer degasses a bit, but once you cap it, the carbonation should stay.

Tip for putting previously carbed beer into a bottle or growler:

Freeze the bottle first. If the glass is colder than the liquid going in, foam is minimal and you keep it gassed.


another tip:
lower the dispensing pressure to 2-3 psi. Just enough to dispense slowly. You’ll get almost no head in the bottle.


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