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Bottling Nitrogen-Gassed Beer from Keg

My son and I brewed a Dry Irish Stout that I intend to serve with nitrogen beer gas through a Guiness stout faucet. I want to give my son half the beer to take home with him and want to know how well it would work to bottle from a nitrogen-gassed keg. Anyone have experience with this?

Further details:
My son does not have any kegging equipment.

We did a double batch (10 gal.) that I have in two carboys, so packaging 5 gallons in the standard way with priming sugar is easily done if that’s best.

I am at a decision point as it is nearly time to package the beer. Do I bottle half in the standard way with priming sugar, or keg it all and bottle from one of the nirtrogen kegs?

I have an old-style counterpressure bottle filler to use for bottling.

Based on the very small number of commercial nitro bottles out there, I’m guessing it would not work. Nitrogen does not dissolve into liquid without high pressure to force it and then comes out of solution very quickly when poured (i.e., when pressure is relieved), which is what causes that beautiful cascade. Even if you cap very quickly, I think the nitro would simply fill the headspace and you would be left with a flat beer.

Also, I think at 20-30 psi you might as well be bottling with a fire hose. :wink: ... arged-beer

Thanks for this info. We would no doubt be disapointed in our efforts to bottle a nitrogen gased stout. Conventional bottleing it is.

Here’s an alternative serving method to use with bottle-conditioned beers; works great:

Thanks, Schneidah. We’ll give that try.

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