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Bottling my first Lambic

So… I have a Lambic that’s been sitting for 11 months and I need a little advise on best procedure to bottle it “safely”.

Can I just go ahead and add corn sugar and a bit of new yeast under the same regimen as bottling an APA/IPA … standard beer?

I assume I need new yeast?

I have some smaller 7 oz Coke bottle that are nice and heavy as well as some belgian bottles. Also, some 16 oz Ayinger bottle that are strong. NO corker. These will need to be capped as normal bottles.

I do keg, but , really don’t want to follow that path.

Thanks for all help from those that have done this before!

That’s all I do. I do have problems sometimes with pellicles forming in the bottle.

After aging it for a year and a half, I bottled my first lambic a few months ago adding priming sugar calculated to get the gas level I wanted, and added new yeast. I recently opened the first one, and found the carbonation was higher than I had expected; glad I put them in champagne bottles. I also got a pellicle in the bottle. On the plus side, the brett seems to have gotten a lot more active since bottling, with a LOT more funky complexity developing. I suspect the brett were eating the dead yeast and creating the unexpectedly higher carbonation. You might want to go a bit lower than you typically do with the priming sugar.

Thanks for the insight!

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