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Bottling Lagers

Hmm. I bottled about a gallon of my Oktoberfest last week and kegged the rest. It had been lagering for about 3 weeks at 40 degrees. I used a priming sugar calculator, mixed up corn sugar in h20, added to the bottling bucket…then checked the bottles this week, and there doesn’t appear to be any settled yeast on the bottom (even though they were stored next to an IPA bottled with natural conditioning the same day). Storing bottle conditioned beers at 75* or so, I usually have a decent yeast/sediment cake after a week…

In the event I open these and there is no hiss, should I just open the bottles, add a few kernels of dry yeast per bottle, and store at room temp for another few weeks?

If you only lagered for three weeks at 40 you’ll be fine. I lagered a pilsner for three months at 36 that carbed no problem.

I would agree with Rookie. There should be no problem after three weeks. I wouldn’t rush opening them though. I would wait three weeks before putting them in the fridge.

false alarm. looks like there was plenty of yeast in there, it was just packed tightly @ the bottom of the bottle.

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