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Bottling inquiry

I am wondering if leaving beer in the bottles at room temp after fermentation and filling longer than the 2 weeks is ok.

I am brewing today and the timing has me bottling mid August. Well I have to go to Florida for 10 days. So they will be in bottles at room temp for 3 weeks or more approx before being chilled That ok???

If you are bottle carbonating (added sugar to the beer before bottling) they will need at least three weeks at room temp to carbonate. At least that has been my experience.


Tom is right . I’ve had some beers take up to four or five weeks, depending usually on the gravity. I have bottles now that have been at room temp for 6 months. I chill a few at a time and I’ve never had a problem so far.



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Ok thanks so much!!! Yeah I’m using the priming sugars so they will be bottled at least 3 weeks

Yes JJR, no problem. I’ve had bottles sitting at room temps for months and occasionally years at a time before chilling and consuming. Granted, my basement temps tend to stay in the 60’s and never above 75. And they do reside in Styrofoam- lined boxes.

My bottles sit at about 60 F all the time, for months and months. Some of the oldest ones taste a bit oxidized, but not just after 3 weeks. You’ll be fine.

I know NB’s instructions say you only need to bottle condition for two weeks, but I have never been really satisfied with my beers at two weeks of bottle conditioning. So, while I might sample one at 2-3 weeks, I rarely start drinking any until they’ve conditioned for at least a month. My basement, where my beer conditions, is 58-68F depending on the season.

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