"Bottling" in Canning Jars?

Anyone ever tried it??? Canning lids create an airtight seal and hold a vacuum, so…would it hold the positive pressure due to carbonation?

Thoughts/experiences??? Just curious…

Canning jars are not designed to hold pressure, they will hold the small vacuum developed during the canning process. The pressure developed during carbonation may cause the jar to blow shards of glass around the storage area.

The problem with the lids for canning jars is it takes a vacuum for them to seal properly. I don’t think you would get a tight enough seal to keep the CO2 from leaking out.

You could use the FoodSaver canning jar attachment to get a vacuum seal.

But be sure to leave the rings off, and hope the carbonation blows the lid off instead of breaking the glass.

Yeah, don’t try this… Canning jars are designed to hold a vacuum. They cannot hold pressure. If you manage to keep the lid sealed… BOOM! A guy on another board had a jar of harvested yeast explode in his fridge when it built a little pressure. The glass embedded in the walls of the fridge was impressive!

Jeez, I’m sounding like the safety nazi lately!! :lol:

Thanks for the replies! …goes to figure someone has at least tried something similar - LOL!

You aren’t looking for a vacuum. Surely you can find or buy beer bottles.