Bottling Help / Dunkelweizen

Hey everyone,

Ok…so I bottled the Dunkelweizen last night…

A little worried about contamination since that has been my constant downfall no matter how hard I try to sanitize everything all the way through.

Smell…fairly sweet…a little like flat beer…nothing over powering like vinegar or cider. Is that normal?

Look…very amber…very clear. I was happy after 4 weeks in a secondary

Taste…got the wife to taste test…she said it didn’t taste sharp or nasty…flat (no carb yet), she said it was good…me…I have no idea what it should taste like at this point.

Bottled…went fairly well except for this. I forgot to put the priming sugar in prior to transferring into the bottling bucket. So…I sealed the bucket…with airlock…boiled the sugar / water…cooled it fairly quickly…then poured it in and agitated the beer with a sanitized plastic spoon.

I am sure I am not the first person that has done this…should it be OK?


I don’t see why it wouldn’t be fine. The advantage to adding the priming solution before racking to the bottling bucket is to obviously “gently” mix it together to avoid oxidation. At the same time, I always (although I don’t bottle much anymore) keep my sanitized spoon handy and stir the contents of the bottling bucket after a few bottles are filled. Helps to ensure the even distribution throughout bottling.

I also stir the contents of the bottling bucket gently every ten or twelve bottles. But I always do exactly as you have done. I always prepare my priming sugar AFTER I siphon the beer to the bottling bucket. That way I know exactly how much beer I have, and can measure priming sugar appropriately. I just cover my bucket with aluminum foil during the wait. Never had a problem.