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Bottling growlers

So sitting here reading bed time stories to the kids and think about brewing when I had a random thought. What would happen if I bottled part of a batch in a growler? I figured it should work out like any other bottle and think the poor seal of the cap could be solved with wax. While not practical, would be a good thing to bring to a party or poker night.

Glass growlers can be safely filled with carbonated beer from a tap but are not considered safe for natural carbonation. The glass in the shaped areas of the growlers is much thinner than the glass of standard bottles. The initial pressure developed during natural carbonation may cause the growler to burst.

Stainless steel growlers may be different. Haven’t read any reports yet about being successfully used for natural carbonation though.

Not supposed to be safe. I have done it though and it did not burst. Seems to me the plastic cap would pop before the glass would. If you take a chance on it just place it in a box or something then a plastic bag for safety sake.

I’ve had bottled growlers that split open after aging. Short term may be alright.

Only happened to a couple though. Kind of like Russian roulette

I’ve bottled in growlers once and it worked out fine. I used electrical tape to seal the cap some, and left them to carb in a plastic tote with a towel over it for peace of mind if one broke.

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