Bottling from the keg

I have a dogfish head clone fermenting now…primary 2 weeks and dry hopped for 7 days as of today. Half of the batch is going to be a Christmas present and the other half I’m keeping for myself. I’m concerned with carbonation time as I don’t want to give the gift and say “you have to wait 2 weeks to drink it”. If I keg and quick force carb it, how do I go about bottling half of it? This will also help me out as the beer will be ready to serve for Christmas Eve get together as well. Thanks in advance

Do you have a picnic tap? The tube in tap method is easiest for me. Place the bottles in the freezer to get them nice and cold prior to filling.

Yes I have the picnic setup going on. The freezer method is what I’ve heard but I wanted to confirm it through this forum because you guys are great.

I will accept any others’ advice but will probably follow through on BB’s method.

Thanks again :cheers:

The el cheapo method with the picnic tap and bottle filler is the way to go. I bleed the keg and turn the PSI down to about 3 or 4. Have bottles in freezer sanitized with tinfoil covering the mouth. The first few bottles will be a little more foamy, but as you go along, the foam will subside. I think it’s just the picnic tap tubing chilling down. I like to make sure to cap on foam.

Due to my last minute planning I go with the “wait for two weeks to drink it”…