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Bottling early

I was curious if anyone has bottled their beer a few days before the full 2 week fermentation period?

Great question. First I would like to say that two weeks is not always full. I’m not sure where you read that but “full” fermentation to me is 4 weeks. The only way to truly tell if your fermentation is done is to take a gravity reading. If two readings spaced 3 days apart are exactly the same… then there’s a good chance your fermentation is done.
I just made a Brut Pale Ale that went to .99 in 3 days. Wow… yes that is done by most accounts. But I still let is sit 3 weeks because I want the yeast to complete its job and clean up that hot mess it made in a rush to feed. My final reading was .93. This is the lowest I’ve ever gone so it’s really not a good example.
I almost never bottle less than 3 weeks. IMO, There is nothing to be gained from rushing the process as a home brewer.
Other things I’m aging for 3-6 months so that the full flavor of the yeast can be completed.
Wheat beers and NEIPAs benefit from a quick turn around. Regular IPAs should be timed well with no "I’ll get to it later. Everything else you can relax about


Search on the term “bottle bombs” for more information.

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