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Bottling Dawson's Kriek

I’ve had my Dawsons Kriek fermenting for 13 months and I’m ready to bottle. Should I repitch yeast? What would you recommend I use? Chamapgne yeast?


I’m watching this one too. Ours is nowhere near ready for bottling (2 months old) but I was wondering the same thing.

OG ~1.050, US-05 would be fine for bottling IMO.

Like Taypo I’ve got lots of time to figure this out but I’m curious on what people do to bottle. Currently thinking I’ll just move it in to what will become my dedicated lambic keg. I’ll bottle a few out of the keg, use some for blending at some point and I’m not sure what else. Plan is too let my kriek go 2 years, introducing the cherries after year 1 and I’ll be starting batches each year so one day far in the future I’ve got a variety of ages of lambic to blend.

I was referring to yeast for the purpose of Carbonation

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