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Bottling Dark Strong After 1 Month in Primary

I’m planning to bottle a Dark Strong tonight that has been in the primary for a month. It was fermented at 68 (raised to 72 at end), and then I set it back down to 60 after three weeks. Do you think that I need add any yeast when bottling? I have two packets of champagne yeast that I picked up at NB yesterday (staff there said it couldn’t hurt) for 10 gallons. I’m starting to wonder if it might dry out the beer further than just consuming the priming sugar.

It’s been a long time since I bottle conditioned as I normally keg, so I’m a little unsure of what to do here. I’m not sure whether there will still be enough yeast in suspension.


You should be fine after only a month. I routinely bottle beers after somewhere between 3-5 weeks. Never had to add yeast. I only add yeast to beers that sit for 3+ months and/or lagered beers.

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