Bottling before dry hops fall?

I have not had this happen before and it’s time to bottle…I have given the carboy gentle nudges to get them fall…but they are still up there…ok to bottle? Pellet hops btw.

I’m fairly patient (lazy), so I’d probably wait. You could put a sanitized bag or screen over your racking tube to filter them.

If you know it’s done it won’t hurt to bottle.

There is still some fermentation happening; the CO2 keeps them floating. You may not be at terminal gravity. Cold crash if you have the capability and they will drop out. Otherwise, wait a while.


I agree that could be the case, but he did say it’s time to bottle.

uncdeo, are you going off of a timeline, or consecutive gravity readings?

Gravity…I bottled yesterday…smells fantastic…can’t wait :smile:

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