Bottling and Drinking

I took part in creating Caribou Slobber about a month and a half ago, I am wondering when the best time to drink the beer my cousin and I have made its been in the bottle for a 1 1/2 week(s) would the beer at this point be a good time to check carbonation if i checked it tomorrow? I have been getting mixed messages from a few people i know that brew and was just wondering in abroad of what people think on this , thanks.

[quote]Beer. Now there’s a temporary solution.
Dan Castellaneta

I would let it sit for 3 weeks. In the warmest place you can. 70-75*. Shake the bottles at least 1 time each day. Then place a bottle in the fridge for 2-3 days before drinking.

For your next batch, fill a soda bottle when you bottle it. Squeeze the O2 out and screw the cap on. The bottle will expand as CO2 is formed. But just because the bottle is firm doesn’t mean the beer is carbonated. Just that it’s getting closer. Still leave them alone for 3 weeks.

It cannot hurt to try one now, but realize that it will get better if you follow the above advice

I’ll agree that it can’t hurt to try one. But odds are 94.3% you will be disappointed.

Note: 89.45% of all statistics are made up.

Everyone should drink a young, flat beer at least 1 time. :wink:

I drink 1 a week, starting with week 1. I like to be in tune with how the beer is developing.
The taste can also evolve a lot along the way.
I usually find the week 3 is the youngest of the “finished” tasting beers.

My first batch (the St. Paul Porter) is almost completely out, just as it’s coming into its own. So yes, the longer you can wait, the better.

That being said, I wasn’t really “disappointed” when I drank it young after two weeks… it was still tasty beer. It’s just much better later.

Really? does this speed things up?

Really? does this speed things up?[/quote]

Yes, the yeast is not settled on the bottom covered by sediment