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Bottling after force carbonating

I made a Black IPA, How long will the beer be good after bottling? I’ve already force carbonated in the keg, but we would like to bottle some and save for later, we will keep it cold, we were just wondering how long it will stay good after bottling?

Thank you in advance for your information!

Mike and CorAnn

I’ve bottled for comps more than a month ahead of time without any problems. Stored cold, I’m sure several months would be fine. I do use the oxygen-scavenging caps, just in case.

[quote=“a10t2”]I do use the oxygen-scavenging caps, just in case.[/quote]+1 on the caps. I bottled a IIPA from the keg over a year ago and so far every bottle has been just fine.

Same here, in my experience…two, three, and in one case (admittedly accidental) well over 10 years down the line, the stronger beers can hold up perfectly well IF care was taken in the brewing and bottling processes.
Most will also improve with a few years of age on them.

The main question to ask is, how are you bottling?

If using something like the Beergun or counter pressure bottle filler (used correctly) your beer should be just fine. I use a CPF, and it is fully carbonated and tastes great months down the line. If simply filling from the tap, you will likely lose some CO2 during the process and probably be a bit disappointed later on.

Or a stopper on a racking cane. :wink:

[quote=“a10t2”]Or a stopper on a racking cane.[/quote]I don’t even use the stopper any more, just a cobra tap and racking cane, cold bottles, cold beer, a slow fill to overflowing, then a quick cap.

+1, having everything cold and a full fill and no problems here.

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