Bottling a sour

Yes Brett does do fermentation, bacteria may also now that I think of it. At least malolactic bacteria do. So I stand corrected, thanks.

Anyway the priming sugar is about 100% fermentable by Sacch yeast so there isn’t residual complex carbs that would be further converted by Brett. Unless you’re using DME as priming sugar (it has carbs that aren’t fermentable) I don’t think you’re going to have an issue with additional carbonation.

I think it’s more of an issue of whether or not the Brett would keep chewing through the SG points as it is in the bottle. I noticed that once the easy going sugars are gone, there is very little seeming activity, but FG keeps dropping. I think Vinnie at Russia River doesn’t recommend bottling Bretted beers above 1010 for fear of overcarbonation and explosions.
And yes, some bacteria also make CO2.

I think the progression is Sacch, then Brett, then bacteria. After 12-15 months my experience is that everything that can be metabolized, has been. Although I don’t take a lot of gravity measurements, I have sours that have been bottled at 1 year and sitting for nearly two more and they aren’t over-carbonated.

Ok so maybe it is a good idea to let it sit a while longer to be sure that the gravity is stuck at 1.014. from late summer to thanksgiving it came down from 1.019. but since thanks giving to the new year it seems stable at 1.014. maybe ill add more dregs and give it a nother 90 days ive waited this long.

On the other hand if overcarbonation started happening in the bottle it would progress slowly and I could Probably catch it then refridgerate them to arrest it.

Dimik after reading some of you the stuff on your page I think my bugs might be o2 starved its been in a full carboy for the majority of the time. maybe a mild shake would help get them going again.

To the op sorry if your thread got derailed but this has provided me lost of useful info :cheers: