Bottling a bourbon porter?

Hi guys Happy New Year! I’m gonna be bottling my bourbon porter extract recipe this week. It was in primary for 3 weeks and 5 weeks in secondary. My question is if anyone has done this recipe did you use the recommend 5oz of priming sugar or less? Thanks!!!

I used less. A fizzy BBP does not have a good flavor profile. Have you looked at NB’s carbonation calculator? You can carbonate to style or decide your personal preference.

Great thank you!!!

I don’t know what your recipe was but the only bottle that ever exploded on me was a BB Porter . I thought it was done fermenting but apparently not. I used one of those fizz drops. I also dropped an bourbon soaked oak chip in liter flip tops. Maybe the oak chip was fermentable. Only one blew I burped the others and chilled. Messy clean up but the basement smelled great.

I had the same experience as brew cat. Only bottle bomb I ever had was the extract BBP. I’ve done 2 batches of it since then, (one extract, one all grain). Both ended up somewhat overcarbed, and I used the NB priming calculator for the style. So my advice is to use a little less priming sugar in this recipe than what’s called for. I agree with flars, too fizzy is not good for a BBP. My last ones I had to pour, sit them in the fridge for an hour to offgas, then drink. Not the worst of problems, but definitely avoidable.

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Thanks for the help guys! I just checked on the carbonation calculator and it’s a big help. If I have to wait another week to bottle will it be ok in secondary if it’s been in there close to 6 weeks or should I bottle as soon as I can? Thanks!

Your beer is probably ready to bottle. Everything that can be accomplished in a secondary vessel has happened.
I still have two bottles of BBP a friend gave me. He bottle conditioned these for eight months. I’ve had them refrigerated for over a year now. They’re probably ready.