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Bottles with different taste

I don’t know if it is my imagination, but the Caribou Slobber I bottled four weeks ago (first brew) has different tastes. Seems each bottle has a different tastes. Some taste the same. Like last night. I had four bottles I drank. Three had the same taste while one tasted almost totally different. Is this possible? And if so, what would cause that. I am about to bottle a hef, which smells great, and do not want the same issue. Hef is my fave beer. I want to get this right. Thanks as always for the replies.

Different how? Maybe a bug in the bottle if the bottle was completely sanitized. This could be a reason for a bottle to bottle taste difference. Was the fill level the same for all? Lower fills could lead to some off favors from oxygen.

All bottles were new, 22 oz and sanitized the exact same. All were filled the same or very close. No noticeable difference in fill level. Three of them had a light hoppy taste and the fourth had none whatsoever. Just a smoother finish. More like the Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale. I am not experienced enough to describe different tastes in beer. I am curious to see how the others taste. Personally, I liked the taste of the fourth bottle best, although the other three were very good.

Was the carbonation level the same in the fourth bottle as the first three? The level of carbonation can create the sense of a different flavor.

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