Bottles not carbonating

First time brewer, I believe I followed all the steps correctly, however my beer doesn’t appear to have carbonated. I boiled the corn sugar, added it to my wort then allowed to sit and age two weeks in the bottle. A few bubble were all that was produced from the bottles I opened. I didn’t stir the priming sugar in with the wort, I just siphoned the beer out of the fermentation tank on top of the priming solution. Is there a way to save this batch? Can I open the bottles and add some Fizz drops to each bottle and reseal for two weeks?

At what temperature have your bottles conditioned over the last two weeks?

How much priming sugar and what type did you use?

What temperature are your bottles stored at? They need to be stored at a similar temperature to when you fermented. So you probably want to age the bottles at around 65 to 70 degrees. Is that what you did?

The temperature in the room has been around 65-66 degrees. I brewed the Hefeweizen from the extract kit sold on Northern Brewers, it came with 5 oz of priming / corn sugar that I boiled in a cup of water.

2 weeks is right on the cusp of where beer starts to carb. I’d give it another week at room temps (maybe even warmer if possible) before I would start to look at what went wrong.

You can also gently invert the bottles briefly to rouse up some of the yeast that has settled. I have had some bottles take up to 6 weeks.

I’d do as the others have suggested and give it a little more time. If you put the boiled sugar in the bottling bucket and then siphoned the beer into that bucket, your sugar was mixed. This is the same process I’ve used for many years with no problems with differential mixing.


Quick question, did you take your racking cane or spoon or whatever was sanitized and gently swirl the beer every 9 bottles or so?

The reason I ask is because the sugar does tend to settle a little, so if you didn’t keep it mixed during the whole bottling process, you may have some bottles that got a more sugar than others.

Either way, I would leave them alone for a bit longer and maybe tilt the bottles over once and leave them. If you add anything now, you run the risk of overcarbing and having bottle bombs.

I didn’t stir it at all, just siphoned the beer in on top of it. It appears that it just didn’t mix well, because I’m finding half the bottles have great carbonation now and others are just flat.

That definitely sounds like the problem then…another vote for mixing every nine bottles or so. However even when I set out to do that, something unintended always seems to happen, things get frenetic, and I forget! Bottling by oneself always seems to be the brewing equivalent of a one man band. SWMBO now assists whenever possible.

I am currently having the same problem. this is my tenth or so batch and first time I’ve experienced this. My bottles usually carbonate in three to five days. I will let it rest a while longer. (It’s been 8 days.) But I havn’t done anything differntly this time. :?:

did you let the corn sugar/H2O cool before adding it to your beer? If not, you may have killed a lot of your yeast.

Very doubtful. You can add it right after you’re done boiling it to the bottling bucket, that will cool it pretty quickly with the surface area, plus siphoning beer on top of it will cool almost instantly.