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Bottleing with labels still attached

I have always been told to remove the labels but a few weeks ago I tried another home brewer beer and well it was really good. how probable is an infection if the inside is throughly sanitized?

I hate removing labels on some bottles. I dont know if it is “right” or not but I just bottle with them still there. As long as the inside is very sanitary I cant see it hurting anything.

The only concern I can see is if you are dunking the whole bottle into your sanitizing solution. It is hard to “clean” paper so the sanitizer could become “dirty” faster.

Personally, RDW… :wink:

I wouldn’t consider bottling with the labels on. Yeah, I’m sure you can get away with it for awhile but eventually those labels will be magnets for bacteria. Don’t cut corners…that’s my two cents.

i bottle with labels on all the time. i have a bottling tree with the squirty thing on top and haven’t had any problems. been doing this for years.

:lol: Not probable… not from the exterior label anyway.

I have used the same bottles with labels for years.
Only thing is it might be a bit trashy. :lol:

I put my ipa in ipa bottles, give away Christmas beer in 2009 Celebration bottles, put clones in the commercial version bottles…you get the idea. Yep, trashy. But totally doable.


+1 on the sanitizer squirter thingy.
Labels are on the outside, beer is on the inside, no concerns IMO. It all depends on how much work you want to do.

Yep, I think the risk of contamination from outside labels is over blown.

Having said that, I always soak new (to me) bottles in PBW over night to get the crud out of the inside of the bottle. That also removes almost all labels anyway. So really all it takes from there is light wipe with a dish rag and the label and gummy adhesive is gone. So for me it’s not really anymore work to remove the labels. I dunk my bottles in a 5 gallon bucket of Star San so having the labels on leaves bits of paper in the sanitizer that I don’t want.

BTW, beer tastes better in good looking beer bottles. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t remove labels. After a few uses tho, most come off. I’m trashy and don’t no care. Admittedly, I feel the evolution pulling me into waxing and pretty eye appeal.

I did enforced discipline while harvesting bottles, so most of mine are sans labels. The only exception are labels with plastic content. Not worth trying to remove them. I have a number of 22 oz Stone Brewing bottles in circulation, but those have no paper (and they look very cool). I harvested some Heineken bottles once - never will try again, too much work to remove the plastic.

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