Bottled Sat night, brewed Sun morning couple comments

Well, got to brew Sunday morning and try out a new toy. I picked up a bayou jet burner so I can move out of the kitchen and not dominate it for hours on end. I was a bit concerned I would scortch the heck out of my new pot but that did not happen.

I did find that a boil over can occur VERY quickly and the ability to shut off the flame as fast is not there. Also found that once boil is reach…much quicker than inside so I’m very happy about that, it takes a little getting used to the shut off valve to regulate the flame intensity.

It is kind of noisy, but it is outdoors so not much of an issue with me. Wondering if anyone out there using a similar burner have any tips on using it more efficiently. Especially when nearing hot break. Is there preventative steps you do to prevent boil over? I found that hot break foamed up very quickly and went from no boil to a very vigorus boil in an instant.

Changing gears, I bottled a Honey IPA saturday night. I took a reading and was kinda surprised at the FG. It was 1.006. In reading here, I’ve not seen numbers that low very often. I am pleased though!

Are you using fermcap? If you aren’t I highly suggest using it. If you can’t get your hands on it you can use gas-x for infants, it’s 99% the same thing.

My adjustment to the burner is the addition of an aluminum ring of flat roof flashing set down over the whole burner as a wind block and heat concentrater -12" flat flashing works great with or without a carve out for the spot where the gas line/cast iron burner connection goes. If no carve out, then just make the ring large enough to surround the whole thing loosely.

As to boil overs, some guys keep a spray bottle handy with water in it.

You can watch the temperature approaching boiling, then slow the flame down a lot just before it gets there. It makes a huge difference in avoiding a boil over. I used to keep a thermometer in for that purpose, but after several brews I got a feel for it.

You can also turn the flame down more once the boil is established - so that it’s not quite so “jet engine” noisy. It doesn’t take as much flame to maintain boil as to get it there.

Of course, a spray bottle of water and a big spoon are there to help keep the foam at bay.

I do the same as harpdog. I keep a thermometer in the wort and as it gets close to a boil, I back it down a bit and ease into the boil. A big spoon works to keep the hot break material at bay.

Thanks for the tips! Have to chuckle though…Sunday morning, guy standing outside. Alone. lid in one hand, big spoon in the other trying to stop the carnage wishing for a third hand!

That was me!

I believe the wife has a candy themometer that hangs on the side of a pot that I may be able to borrow for next brewday…good tip!

Install a thermometer in the kettle itself. If you’re using an immersion chiller you need to know when to stop chilling anyway.

You should be able to find a long stem thermometer at the big box stores for around $10. ... _7c1890191

I use keep a spray bottle on hand to knock down the break material.

I have a bayou classic burner and agree with most of what has been recommended to you. I have a simple dial thermometer like the ones NB sells. I clip it on the side of the pot and leave it there to monitor temps for BIAB mashing and mashout. I lower the burner intensity as the temp gets close to boil range. Once it’s boiling it takes almost no flame to keep a good controlled rolling boil going. I usually take the thermometer out while it’s boiling then put it back in for the the last 10 or so of the boil so I can use it to monitor chilling with my IC. Once you figure your equipment out this won’t stress you out. :cheers:

Thanks all!

I think I may install one in my pot but I’m not sure yet. Was home yesterday with sick boy and watched a couple videos one adding one.

I agree with dannyboy about the energy. The most energy used is to get to a boil. I wait until the boil is just about to start with my hand on the regulator. You can turn down the propane flow to minimal and still keep the boil. If you run wide open the whole time you’re bound for excitement.