Bottled my pre prohabition

Bottled my beer yesterday in the heat. I know people are thinking about kegging, but the beer stays around longer. I used dextrose and what a pain it was compared to raw sugar. Ended up with 27-28 16oz and 4 12oz. What I could not put in bottles, I sampled. Beer in a 34-36 degree fridg. Now the hard part…waiting 2 mouths. Just might have do another favor while waiting, dry irish stout or brown nut.

After bottling, you need to leave them in a dark area, aim for 70* for about 2-3 weeks, THEN put one in the fridge to chill. You will sample that one to see ifn its carbed, if so, THEN put the rest in the fridge to age/lager. Sneezles61

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thank you.