Bottled my Hefeweizen on Friday

So I noticed a bunch of sediment already in the bottles so I cracked one open and it has a ton of carbonation already. I did prime with a good amount of dextrose. 5.2 oz. to reach 2.9 volumes of C02. Should I fridge these already? I opened a second bottle to double check. Same thing foamed over as soon as I opened it. I’ve never had a batch carb this fast. What should I do? They are sitting at 70.

They are carbed after only three days? If more than one are doing that then I would definitely refrigerate them. Housed in something just in case they decide to start blowing the caps. Heavy plastic bags or something. Then try one again after letting them settle and chill.

I fermented for 2 weeks at 68. I hit a 1.012 FG. There is no way it wasn’t finished.

I’d still take Mark’s advice…for safety’s sake.

This is the third one I opened. They are still warm so I assume cold they will hold more C02. I’m cooling down my mini fridge as we speak.

Because a calendar said so or because your hydrometer read 1.012 a couple days apart?

Also, 3 volumes is pretty high and if not mixed well one bottle could have received more priming solution than others.

I too would pop them in the fridge…

I took a reading after 1 week and then before I bottled. I know 3 is on the high side the NB priming sugar calculator said 3.6 for a hefeweizen. There was no way I was using that much priming sugar in regular bottles.

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I’ll be making my 5 th Hefeweizen soon so I have a little background here. I have generally targeted 2.7 volumes after some back and forth. This comes out to about 4.5 ounces of table sugar. I believe with sturdy bottles you might be able to push the sugar a bit higher.

I know some advocate refrigerating the test bottle for at least a few hours before checking carbonation.

Well I put a bunch in the fridge and they are now sitting at 45. I have the rest of them sitting on the basement floor probably a little below 60. As soon as I try a couple that are cold I will fridge the rest.

In my profile picture I’m holding a glass of NB’s Bavarian Hefeweizen. About -10°F that day so the head on the beer got a little stiff.


-10* that just ain’t right! Here in coastal east central florida it finally got cool enough for chili, single malt Scotch, and using my fireplace(which we are Tonight !). A brisk 40* here.

Now theres a great day to enjoy a brew out of doors!! :grinning: Sneezles61