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Bottle variation

Has anyone else found certain commercial bottles being difficult to effectively cap?

Maybe I’m too picky about how the cap “looks” on the bottle because I’ve not lost any beer but some bottles don’t seem to allow crimping the cap as well as others. Sam Adams always cap well along with Dogfish Head. I’ve been less impressed with Boulevard and some other short bottles like Anchor.

On some bottles the depth from the top of the mouth, to base of the crimping ring, is minimal. The caps will look a little different on these bottles. I haven’t found any that refused to hold a seal yet using a bench capper. Some of these bottles are a real problem to cap with a wing capper though.

I have found that the only commercial bottle I could not use was from Fortune from Miller Brewing*. The lip is too fat and the bottle cap doesn’t wrap around it (using a wing capper and a moderate amount of pressure). Most of the commercial bottles I have are New Glarus or Sam Adams; both of which work great.

  • A little off topic but, my brother-in-law brought the Miller Fortune over. I didn’t care for it; had an off-flavor I couldn’t really identify. Needless to say, I didn’t have too many bottles to discard.
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