Bottle Storing ("Aging") Temps

Hi everyone, I have a 10% abv chocolate espresso stout that I brewed this past december that’s now in bottles. It spent 20 days in the primary and then was racked on top of espresso and kept in the secondary for 12 days. It’s been bottled for 3.5 months now and tastes amazing, but I’d like to save a bunch of it for next winter (or longer) to see how it develops over time. I can keep the bottles in the fridge (fridge space isn’t an issue), at room temp ( ~68), or at cellar temp in my basement (~55). I’ve read a lot of conflicting info online about storage temps, so I wanted to see what the people on this forum have to say. Any info/personal experiences are appreciated!

Aging works like this:
Cold= ages slower.
Cellar= ages at a “medium” pace.
Warm= ages faster.
My lagers are obviously aged cold and a beer like a RIS or like you have gets the 55°-60° treatment if I can help it.

I would caution against aging too many bottles until next winter. Chocolate and coffee flavors do not hold up well with age.