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Bottle Size limit?

When bottling, is there a limit on bottle size? I’ve bottled plenty of double deuces but that has been my limit. I seem to remember reading somewhere that growlers cannot be used for bottling. Is this true? Is there a size limit on bottles? Reason I ask is that I have some cool flip top bottles that i’d like to use. They appear to be around the 30oz size.

I dont think there is a size limit on bottles, you would just need to calculate the amount of priming sugar.
The only problem with bottling in growlers would be a good seal on the cap. If you get good caps I dont see what the problem would be.
Some people naturally carb in kegs, that is like a huge bottle IMO, so if that can be done a bottle size shouldnt matter.

The only limit for the size of a beer bottle may be what the market will bear. A one gallon beer bottle, designed for bottle carbonation, would be unique, but expensive. Not much profit in what would not sell in volume, so they may not(?) exist.

I have some flip top bottles from the Howe Sound brewery in British Columbia. They are quart size. They seem to be very well made, heavy with no spots that look thin under a bright light. I’ve been bottle carbing in them for about 6 years. I haven’t weighed these bottles, but they seem heavier than a half gallon growler I purchased recently.

These bottles will also take a standard crown cap.

No size limit. Screw-top growlers aren’t pressure-rated, which is the problem.
I regularly bottle into 1.5 L magnums. And, you’ve seen those 6L monster bottles of champagne, which has a much higher carbonation level than beer.

[quote=“Wahoo”]Screw-top growlers aren’t pressure-rated, which is the problem.

This is very true!! You might be OK, but then again you might have one explode on you. Not worth the risk, in my opinion.

The only limit for bottling is the pressure rating of the bottle/cap, and the desire to drink the entire bottle in one session, as the carbonation won’t store well once you’ve opened them. I will frequently use 2 liter soda bottles to bring beer to parties. Just have to keep them protected from UV light.

I just recently bottle carbed in a few growlers. Two were screw top and one was a flip top. All seemed to carb OK, although because of my paranoia I did release some pressure from the screw top ones ever so slightly.

I had them prepped for a party, and they were both emptied at that party, so no issues there :slight_smile:

The flip top one seemed to be fine as well. That one is still being used by a friend.

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