Bottle priming Grolsch bottles

How much sugar do I use for 15.2 ounces or 450 ml Grolsch bottles?

Depends on how much carbonation you want . Priming the whole batch is easier in my opinion. Our host has a priming calculator that will give you the info you need . Just click the Learn tab at the top of the page, then Resources, then scroll to priming calculator . Fill in the blanks with your info. Always works for me.

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Here ya go Homebrew Priming Sugar Calculator
I agree that priming the whole batch is easiest though. Then you can fill any mixture of bottles.

Do you prefer to add sugar to each bottle rather than bulk priming in a bottling bucket? If so use the priming calculator to estimate the weight of sugar needed for the carb level wanted and the for the volume to bottle.

Knowing the total weight of the sugar needed you may be able to use one Domino sugar cube in each bottle. For lower carbonation one or two Domino “Dot” cubes.

Put the word “domino” in the search box for more posts on using this technique.


I sometimes run into this issue fue to what is left over from filling four kegs. I figure 4 ounces by weight per 5 gal (640 ounces) and then its just an easy ratio from there to get .095 ounces per 15.2 ounce bottle. Round it up to .10 oz/bottle.