Bottle pasteurization problem

I bottled one batch of my cider with frozen apple juice concentrate as been discussed on this forum. It took 10 days for the soda bottle to build up pressure (it was a bit cold in my house). I got them sitting in a 170 degree water bath in coolers, and some of the bottle caps are leaking CO2. Did I overcarbonate? I drank one last night, and it still didn’t seem that carbonated, so I put them in a warmer place today to finish up the carbonation. I used NB’s O2 absorbing caps. I haven’t used these caps before, but I didn’t have any problems when I capped the bottles with them. Anyone else have this problem? No exploding bottles, but I certainly am leaving the cooler covers closed until the 30 minutes are up.

If the caps were leaking, then they weren’t adequately crimped. I crimp, give the bottles a 1/4 turn and crimp again just to make sure.
By the way, those caps(the silver ones?) are O2 absorbing, not CO2. They’ll help prevent oxidation issues.

Oops, I meant O2 absorbing caps. My bad. Thank you for the response. I never thought of turning the bottles and crimping again. Now that I look at the caps on the bottles closer, one of the ridges on the edge of each cap does not look as crimped down as the rest of the ridges. Maybe my bench capper bell is slightly warped. I’ll be sure to double crimp next time. Thank you very much for the suggestion.

You’re welcome. We few brewing DVMs have to stick together!

Right on!