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Bottle or keg?

I have about 2.25 gallons of Christmas Ale that was leftover wort from the 5 gallon batch I did. I hated to waste it so I added different yeast and fermented it in a smaller container. I decided to cold crash it for a day or two then bottle so I would have some ready to hand out. Well you know, work, soccer practice, golf, disc golf and summer got in between me and that cold crash so it has been in the fridge at 35* for about 10 days.

I used 1056 to ferment. Will there be enough yeast left in suspension for bottling or should I just keg it? I really don’t want to mess around with adding yeast to the bottles.

10 days cold shouldn’t be long enough to drop all the yeast. That said, you do run a risk of not having enough so you might want to add a couple grams just to be sure.

It never hurts to add a bit for bottling. Not sure how strong it was but to my Christmas Ale means strong and I always put a tad of dry yeast in when bottling strong beers.

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