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Bottle it or dump it?

I brewed a batch of The Innkeeper about 3 months ago and then got tied up and wasn’t able to get back to it. It has been sitting in the primary fermenter since January. The vodka I used to fill the airlock has evaporated enough to allow air into the fermenter. Should I even spend the time and effort to bottle this batch, or is it a lost cause?
Thanks for any advice.

Give it a taste, it may be okay.

bottle it!

+1, absolutely bottle. Worst case scenario you dump later. Chances of nasties getting in are small after fermentation unless your beer was subjected to temperature swings, or was located in an area where there was a lot of air movement. I once Kegged a batch that was in secondary for months, not really sure when the airlock dried out, but no adverse effects. Not a guarantee that it will be ok, but worth the time to bottle.

Bottle it for sure, but you will want to re yeast at bottling to ensure carbonation.

Don’t bottle it until you have tasted it. There is nothing worse than doing all that work only to dump out 40+ bottles of beer. Then there is having to clean all 40+ well enough to use them again.

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