Bottle filling without dry hop interference

Continuing the discussion from The Plinian Legacy extract - 1 gallon kit:

I can imagine your frustration. A one gallon brew that has been dry hopped may be the most difficult especially if a jug is the primary.

We don’t know your fermentation set up or regime so these are some suggestions that may help.
A long primary will compact that yeast/trub layer as much as is possible so it interferes with siphoning the least.
A piece of fine mesh grain bag over the tip of the siphon may keep hop particles out of the siphon. This will also slow the siphon if the height drop from your primary to the bottling bucket is minimal. Longer height drops will increase the suction created in the siphon.

Use a bottling bucket instead of siphoning directly to the bottles. Siphoning directly to the bottles can work if you have someone holding the siphon to keep it out of the dry hop debris.

Cold crashing the primary for a few days will help drop hop particles out of suspension.

Adding gelatin at the end of the dry hop time may take the remaining particles out of suspension. I have never used gelation so someone else will need to comment on this.

The dry hops can be bagged if your primary is a small big mouth bubbler or bucket. Cold crashing after the bag is removed will help drop particles from the yeast/trub layer that were disturbed.

Hopefully we can help find a solution to get more beer bottled with no frustration.

I just have the NB one gallon kit. Pretty simple equipment. One gallon glass carboy, bubbler, auto-siphon and bottle filler. I fermented for 16 days before trying to bottle. Cold crashing sounds like a good thing to try as there was still a lot of particles floating around. I was thinking about doing a secondary fermentation with it but decided against risking contamination. I think I’ll stick to more simple recipes until I get the hang of things a little better. I’m hoping that what beer I did get tastes good!! My first batch of the dead ringer was pretty tasty.

Two of my favorites are the American Amber Ale and the Petite Saison. Rather straight forward brews. Amber is moderate ABV with citrusy grapefruit flavor of the cascade hops. Saison is low ABV with bright spice flavors.

Edit: Dead Ringer is on hand year round here.