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Bottle Filler Tip falling off

I have the bottle filler with the black tip and it keeps falling off the tubing. Is there any way to secure it? I was thing adding some piping tape to the end of it and sanitizing it. Jut to get it to stay on…

Any thoughts?


Not familiar with the bottle filler. Is it attached to the spigot on the bucket with a two or three inch piece of tubing, and that is the problem area? If that is it, cut another piece from your siphon tubing as a fix. The short piece on the end of the wand will eventually stretch from flexing.

Using 3/8" tubing? 5/16" will have a tighter fit.

It is this filler: ... iller.html

the black tip keeps falling of the tube…

Sounds like you’ve got a defective unit. I never like the gravity stoppered bottle fillers; the spring-loaded ones are more reliable. After-all, gravity is just a theory.



The spring-loaded are easier to clean, too, as the tip is designed to come off

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