Bottle Condtioning

Hi Everybody,

I brewed the cream ale extract kit, left it in the primary for two weeks at 65 degrees using US-05 yeast with a final gravity of 1.008. After two weeks I racked the beer to my bottles, and it has been condtioning now at about 68-70 degrees for 6 weeks. I put one in the fridge last night and tried one today and it still has a fruity green apple/grape smell and flavor. Should I continue to bottle condition the beer at 68-70 degrees for a few more weeks to get rid of that flavor, or store them in a cooler place to get rid of that smell and flavor? Does it usually take a long time in the bottle to get the “right” flavor after priming?


You can do no wrong letting them age a while longer, and two weeks (although the beer is carbonated by then) really isn’t long enough for most beers… unless it’s a hop-forward brew. Odds are, if the aroma/flavor persists, by the way you described it, that you have an acetyldehyde problem that can’t really be fixed at this point. But, it’s still beer.