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Bottle conditioning

At what temperature do I store the beer during conditioning? It’s the cream ale kit I brewed.then do I need to keep the beer in the refrigerator after the initial conditioning. Thanks

“Cellar temps” or room temp is fine. If you keep it in the fridge it will take longer to carbonate.

I’ve bottle conditioned at room temp (faster depening on the season at my house) and I’ve conditioned at ‘cellar’ temp - my basement. It can take a bit longer at the cooler temp. I’ll typically make 5 or 6 days before I just have to test a bottle to check card, flavor and just plain curiosity. Once it’s right it goes straight in the fridg to crash the yeast and settle things down.

Two weeks above 60 and below 75. Taste a bottle. If it is carbonated, stick it all in the fridge and it will stay fresher, longer.

It can take 2 weeks or more to fully carbonate depending on how warm your room temp is. If I’m really impatient I’ll check carbonation after 7 days or so. I’d stick a bottle in the fridge for a day or so if you can before you drink it, as this will get more carbonation dissolved into the beer.

Drinking an NB Cream Ale as i type this! Not bad, but kind of bland. Think i’d add something for more flavor next time. Anyways, it conditioned for 2+ weeks @ 67 and is pretty close to where it should be. 3 weeks would be perfect. After carbing, i move them to a basement closet @ about 60. Usually keep 8-10 cases on hand, so not enough room in fridge. I put them in fridge for a couple days before drinking. Been working great so far. :slight_smile:

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