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Bottle Conditioning

When bottle conditioning an Ale is it best to do it at room temp 65-70 degrees or put it in fridge for upper 30’s - 40?

Just curious I though about throwin a 6 pak in the fridge that I bottled yesterday and see if there is a noticeable taste difference.

I don’t think taste would be affected but maybe carbonation?

Thanks for the input!

Most, if not all ale yeasts will not be active (no carbonation) at those temps. Leave it at room temp for 10 days or so, then you can cool it down. Lack of carbonation will change the flavor somewhat, but bottle conditioning at 70 F won’t affect the flavor adversely, and most beers taste better with some carbonation.

It’s going to taste the same as it did yesterday.

Let it sit at room temp for 3 weeks. Then in the fridge for 2 days.

Don’t rush it.

Thanks, yeah no rush…was just curious if cold vs room temp bottle conditioning would adversely affect the flavor…I’ll let it be.

Thanks again for the advice.


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