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Bottle Conditioning vs Kegging

I am fairly new to the beer making process, but i have graduated from bottling to kegging, however most kit instructions finish with bottling. My question is, after secondary fermentation if the instructions say to bottle condition for two weeks, how does that translate to kegging? do i need to let the kegged beer sit for an amount of time, or can i go straight to force co2?

Pretty hilarious username for being new to the brewing process.

But to answer your question, you can go straight to CO2

That two week wait is for the yeast to carbonate the bottles. There are beers that will definitely benefit from a 2-week wait even if it is carbonated but not necessary since you are force carbonating.

If you’re kegging, the keg serves the same purpose as a “secondary” carboy (bulk conditioning). You can skip the second carboy and rack directly to the keg. You can start force carbing at that point or wait a couple weeks if you want.

For standard gravity ales, I leave beer in “primary” for 2-3 weeks, rack to a keg, dry hop (if applicable), force carbonate and start serving 2-4 weeks later (the beer almost always improves with more time).

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