Bottle conditioning The Number 8?

I bottled mine about a month ago. It has already carbonated nicely. I’ve only tasted 2 bottles and it’s obviously VERY rough. About how long should this one sit? I’m a very patient man and also happen to have 10 cases of other stuff to enjoy.

Just by looking at the recipe, maybe 6 months…? My experience with higher grav beer is that the longer you wait the better, with the exception of an IIPA which was easy to cover the roughness with dry hops. Your patience will pay off, though.

It was so rough that my first thought was “whoah, this is going to need way more than 6 months!” I’m hoping it’s more in the ~9 month ballpark so I can enjoy it next winter.

I previously made the mistake of downing a lot of an old ale well before its prime and feeling kinda let down. I left it alone for about a year and it was simply amazing and won me a few ribbons. Needless to say, I don’t make that mistake any more.

I have a good feeling it will be quite nice when it hits the target age. :cheers: