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Bottle Conditioning Temperature?

Hi All, I did my searches first but can’t seem to find an answer. While all the calc’s I’ve found seem to be the same for style of beer and subsequent sugar needs, each one asks for beer temperature. My question is: which temperature? The temperature of my beer sitting in the den in the primary/secondary waiting to be bottled? OR the temperature of the refrigerator where the beer will be stored after it’s bottled?

I’m assuming the answer is where it’s sitting prior to bottling?

Thanks, Mike

For the most part. You want to use the warmest temperature the beer reached after fermentation.

So, for example, if you fermented at 20°C/68°F, then cold crashed the fermenter to 2°C/36°F, the beer will contain ~0.9 vol residual CO2, because that’s the solubility limit at 20°C. By crashing it to 2°C, you increase the solubility to ~1.6 vol, but since fermentation has ended there’s no source of CO2 to make up the difference.

Just to check - you will be storing the bottles at room temp for a few weeks to carbonate before putting in the fridge, right?

Yes, after bottling, I make every attempt to abstain from cracking one for at least 2-weeks.

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