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Bottle Conditioning Temperature - newbie question

I am about to bottle my first two beers (Irish Red and Witbier) and not sure what temperatures to condition the beer. I would think the low 70’s would be fine for the Irish Red but have read that Witbiers can/should be conditioned at warmer temperatures.

Both are extract kits. Irish Red 1 week primary, 2 weeks secondary. Witbier 2 weeks primary. Both fermented at 66 to 68 degrees.

Any input or past experience would be greatly appreciated.


In bottle condition everything regardless of style in my basement storage room, which sits at a constant 65 or so degrees year round. Never had any issues.

The colder the temp, the longer it will take to carb up. Warmer temps will carb up faster, but that doesn’t really mean much if the beer isn’t “mature” enough to drink yet.

Being your first two beers, drink one each week after bottling and take notes on the flavor. You’ll be amazed how much better they get after a month or two in the bottle.

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