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Bottle Conditioning Sours

Hey all, I am brand new to this forum and would love some input on bottle conditioning sours.

I brewed my first sour about 2 months ago using 100% WLP 644 Brettanomysec Brux. Trois. I have reached a FG of 1.008. My question is: Should I use priming sugar for bottle conditioning or will the beer, given enough time, produce carbonation on it’s own?

Thank you for any input!

I’d use priming sugar. I think when you ferment with Brett alone it acts pretty much like a standard yeast.

I would use some sugar as well with that low of a gravity. Has your hydrometer been moving over the last couple weeks? What was your OG? That yeast has crazy high attenuation potential.

Good luck with the beer!

My OG was 1.052. So far, my gravity has been holding at 1.008 for a week and a half. I’m thinking I might wait a little longer just to be safe. But the general consensus is to add priming sugar, and I agree.

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