Bottle Conditioning Questions

After brewing about 5 one gallon batches I was reading some topics in the knowledge base section of Northern Brewer about bottle conditioning and came up with a few questions for all of you. This is from the knowledge base article:

“After priming and filling, the newly bottled beer should be stored at 70-75F for 2-3 weeks or until fully carbonated. After this time the bottles can be chilled or stored below 60 degrees to stabilize the beer.”

Here are my questions:

  1. My apartment temperature varies from about 65-70F, is this temperature and the fluctuation okay for the bottle conditioning?

  2. After the 2-3 week conditioning time, is it okay to leave the bottles at this temperature, or is it best to store them at a temperature below 60F?

The brews that I have finished have turned out fine, a couple don’t seem to have as much head as others, or retain the head throughout the drink, but they are still very good. I ask mostly to refine my technique and make my beers even better. As a side note I have been using the NB fizz tabs that have come with the kits, if that makes a difference for anything.

Thanks for all your responses in advance!

Here’s my .02:
65-70* should be fine for carbonation. Lower temps. will take a little longer, but it’ll work. Figure on 2 weeks minimum, 3 probably better. Then, if you chill the bottles for a week, it helps drive the co2 back into solution and I believe gives you a better, more consistent head. Bottle conditioning happens as well, so within reason, the longer you wait, the smoother and more melded flavor you’ll get.

Thanks for the reply! Is it bad to continue to leave the bottles at room temperature after the conditioning time is over though? I have been letting my bottles sit at room temperature, then put them in the fridge a few days before I am going to drink them.

You’ll be fine doing what you’re doing. My house is consistently @ 67 & i haven’t had a problem. I use corn sugar & leave them for 3 weeks, sometimes longer. I totally agree with James that they seem to be better if you leave them even longer with the exception of wheat beers or ipa’s. Drink those up as soon as they’re carbed. Won’t hurt to leave at room temp. until chilling for drinking. :cheers: