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Bottle Conditioning Amber Ale

I bottled the Block Party Amber Ale over weekend and placed back in my fermenting chamber, at a 60-65 degree avg. temp… Should it be colder or warmer? I can’t find any info on what the ideal range should be.

Room temp for bottle conditioning.

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Conditioning at that temp will work. It may take longer. The higher the temp the sooner it will carbonate. Around 70 degrees is common.


OK, thanks for quick replies!!! I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to so I will be lowering it for sure!!! :sunglasses:

You meant… Warming it up?


I used to worry about bottling conditioning at ambient temperatures when it’s mega hot in my apartment. Warmer temperatures don’t seem to matter honestly. As others have said cold temperatures will slow down the process however.

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YES… Good Catch!!! :grinning:

Enjoy! That Block Party tastes a LOT like Yuengling. I really enjoyed it as my first brew, and it’s one that I will return to brewing again (although maybe with a little experimentation).

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